Buy Signal on Getlink (GET-FR)

Our System triggered an Enter Long Strategic signal on March 14, 2022 on Getlink SE GET-FR, the Anglo-French Transport company.

Our system also triggered an Enter Long tactical signal on March 11, 2022. Getlink has a rather weak track record with a behavorial score of 3/10, therefore we consider the signal as mainly short term.

Getlink SE, formerly known as Groupe Eurotunnel SE, is a € 8 Bn market cap France-based company, which brings together a group of companies active in the fields of infrastructure management and transport operations. The Company manages and operates the Channel Tunnel between the United Kingdom and France and its railway infrastructure. The Company is also engaged in the passenger and freight transport between continental Europe and the United Kingdom. In addition, it provides ferry transport through the Channel. Getlink SE has direct and indirect stakes in a number of companies, including The Channel Tunnel Group Limited, France Manche SA and Europorte SAS, among others.

Getlink announced a strong traffic in February including a +22% surge in its freight traffic, and also an impressive increase in tourism traffic (+238% yoy) linked to winter holidays. For 2022, Getlink is expected to recover strongly, with revenue of € 1074 Mn (versus €773 Mn in 2021) coupled with a net profit of €70mn versus a loss of €-135 Mn in 2021. Getlink is expected to increase its dividend in 2022, corresponding to a dividend yield of 1.8%.

Getlink looks like a defensive bet with a strong pricing power while the train will benefit from expensive energy prices that will impact negatively other transports such as car and plane. It is also a recovery, as Getlink is a “reopening” stock, that was hit hard by the covid crisis.

Short term catalyst : Defensive business model, energy prices, reopening.

This signal looks mainly company specific while there is only 8% of stocks in bullish tactical signal and 17% in bullish strategic signal within the European Transports sector.