Buy Signal on Automatic Data Processing (ADP-US)

We had an Enter Long signal on April 7th 2021, triggered by our system on ADP-US, Automatic Data Processing the US IT outsourcing company.

ADP is a $ 81 bn market cap, an IT company focused on developing solutions of employment management for small and medium corporates (69% of revenues); and solutions for human resources management (31%) including audit services, management consultant, development management solutions (of pay, administration of staff, social statements, time and activities, careers and skills), training services, etc.

After an impressive resilience in 2020-21, ADP is expected to continue to grow EPS by high single digit in 2022 and 2023. Automatic Data Processing has good cash-flows, and the company uses some of the cash to expand its product line and to increase dividends each year. The stock currently offers a 2.2% dividend yield.

Short term catalyst : Business Process Outsourcing growth .

This signal looks consistent with the Major Bullish Trend in the US Technology sector.